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What can I say about Great Charcoal that isn't already been said?  Awesome burn times, we are able to cook ribs in the offset without adding additional fuel, which we could not do with Maple Leaf, Royal Oak or Basques.  I like to use briquettes in the ProBBQ's because of the consistent temps they give and to have a clean fuel that is not full of nasties which will alter the flavour of my Q and most importantly doesn't stink like my Grandpa's old coal stove.  I think for me and the team the biggest factor is the long, consistent burn times which affords us more time to drink beer....which is why we really BBQ... isn't it..?

 David Roxborough

Simcoe County Smokers

2007 Ontario Series BBQ Champions


I've done some long cooks (pork shoulder) and some quick sears (steaks, chops, skewers) and am still learning more about the Great Charcoal products and how they respond in a wide number of applications.  It certainly does last a long time on low temp cooks, doesn't it?!  Wow!  I did a pork shoulder that took 20 hours to finish.  As I pulled it off just before I had to go into work, I forgot to shut the cooker down and as a result left the vents open on the large Egg.  That was at 10 pm in the evening.  The next afternoon I remembered that the Egg was still vented open, so I went out onto the deck and checked on it.  It was still running at 225 degrees; 36 hours after I started the cook! That piqued my interest, so I left the vent as it was just to see how long it would go before it ran cold.  Just before I went into work that night (again around 10 pm) the cooker thermometer was down to around 100 degrees, but, a stir of the bit of ash and small lump left in the firebox, produced a definite warming glow!  That would be 44 or 45 hours after I first lit the charcoal for the low n' slow cook!  Incredible!

While these results may not be 'typical', they certainly do illustrate the longevity of the Great Charcoal lump and extended burn time on low and slow bbq'ing.  On high heat searing, the heat is steady and manageable, without alot of sparking and popping often associated with other brands I've tried.

The briquettes have been used in the Backwoods Smoker and with the extended firebox we have had made up for it, we're now able to easily hold a full 20 lb bag of the dense Great Charcoal briquettes, and there's no longer any need to refuel during the 12-14 hour brisket and pork shoulder cook, which is a blessing as it saves alot of fumbling around trying to refuel the cooker during the night hours at bbq contests.  Awesome products and award-winning results.  Pleased and proud to be part of the Great Charcoal roster of championship competition teams!

 Mike Kerslake

Dizzy Pig BBQ (Canada)


How did The Q Crew make it to a top 10 finish?....GC

The top 10 was achieved in the 2007 Ontario BBQ Championships held by the Canada Barbeque Association. A lot of luck goes into a year of competitive BBQ but certain things you cannot scrimp on...your choice of a butcher and the awesome cuts they deliver, the type of smoker you want to cook on and the fuel that is the cataylist to combine the other two together. 

For The Q Crew it was searching to find the fuel...we tried all the major brands, some performed ok and some not so good. Our testing lead us to GC- Great Charcoal. A product that performed and then out performed all the others when we tested it against. From a Lump product of fabulous size, outstanding density and longevity of cook time to the super dense and low ash cook of their Briquette product line, we were quite frankly blown away. 

We cook long hours over the ProQ's and Weber Bullet competing and need a product that can give us the mileage and keep on going. In the middle of the night we want a charcoal that will light quick in the chimney, spread evenly and help get the smoker back up to heat and running steady all night long...we count on GC to perform...and it does, every time! 

Want to cook like a pro? Start using what we do....GC Lump and Briquettes! 

You'll be glad you did! 

Duncan Mclelland 

Pit Master, The Q Crew


Great Charcoal sponsors TeamSmokeDamage and we have been using their charcoal exclusively for about 18 months. 

After trying all available brands in our area, I must say that nothing comes close to the burn time you get with it. When we first started getting our hands on the stuff, it was like day and night, and we are very grateful to have them sponsor our team. 

I am sure, any other avid bbq'er or griller will really appreciate the longer burn times and consistency of the charcoal. For the last few months we were using the 12kg restaurant bags (blue, no logo or branding) and some of the chunks were close to full logs... like 10" x 3 or 4"!!! It's pretty cool when you fill a Frontier or Weber and there is only like 10-15 pieces of charcoal in total. Lights easy, burns long and hot, and ash is white and minimal. 

My teammates and I love the stuff, and wouldn't think of using anything else. 

I am such a lump-head I haven't tried the briquettes yet, but I got a few bags last week and will be grilling steaks on them this weekend. 

PS: I tried them, and loved them as well. Filled the Chargriller and threw on steaks, sausages and some sides in foil, everthing turned out amazing. 

Please sir, can I have some more?

Gerry Boyle

Team SmokeDamage, Montreal, PQ