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The wood we use in our hardwood lump charcoal blend is primarily Quebracho Blanco, mixed with other hard woods like Itin, and Guayacan. See description of Quebracho Blanco (White Axwood) here:

You will find that our charcoal is denser than what is produced in North America, so our bags are smaller. The burn is hot and lasts an average 40% longer than the competition.  That means that you refuel less often and when you need the heat, the BTU’s are there to do the job!  As well, our lump blend imparts a fine, subtle flavor to all meats and vegetables cooked using this Great Charcoal product for fuel. As well, ash production is low.

We select sizes between 20 and 80 mm. for our lump. There are minimal amounts of dust or small chips in our bags.

Our packaging is ‘state of the art’ and satisfies all applicable regulations for transportation and storage. All of our products are palletized and shrink wrapped for transportation and storage.

The charcoal's quality meets the demands of German standard DIN 51749-H for purity and natural sources. What this means is that we do not use industrial discards, old pallets, demolition wood or any non-natural source for our production, unlike many of our competitors.  Our product is 100% all natural; our customers deserve no less than the best and that is what we deliver!

All of our production comes from plantations and managed dry subtropical forests; production that does not threaten any delicate ecosystems.