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Our briquettes are 100% natural, made from the lump fragments (pieces and shards under 20 mm.) left after we select the optimum sizes for our lump bags.

The charcoal fragments are pressed into pillow shaped briquettes, with the sole addition of up to 5% wheat or cornstarch as a binder. Due to their purity, the briquettes burn hot and clean, release no nasty odours and leave behind very little ash. They can be used in the same way as our lump, and are particularly effective in open grills and BBQs without adequate vent control. Temperature control is achieved by either grouping the embers together for a hotter fire or by spreading them apart for slower cooking. Their uniform size and even combustion simplifies the choosing of amount of briquettes required and the fuel management for each cook.

Our natural briquettes hold together and do not crumble, are resistant to water absorption, have extended density, good inflammability and high heating value (more than 32,000 kilojoules/kg). They are smokeless and they can be added to a lit fire without the concern of foul smells or chemical smoking since they do not contain any fillers or activators.


The briquettes meet stringent quality standards of European norms DIN 51749-B and other international standards.

They cannot be compared to "composite" briquettes, which contain mineral coals, borax, sodium nitrates, oil derivatives, clay, etc. These briquettes, available in North America, do not meet the said standards and thus they cannot be sold in other countries.


  •          Product made of 100% natural hardwood charcoal.

  •          Longest burning time for ‘low n’ slow’ bbq cooking.

  •          Does not alter the flavor and smell of food.

  •          Easy lightning, high heating power.

  •          No smoke or smells, no sparks or flames.

  •          Ecologically sound production and harvest methods.

  •          Free of borax, mineral coal, clay and petroleum chemicals.

  •          Ideal for temperature control in metal cookers.

  •     70% less ash than composite briquettes